Where do you keep your fire?

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Keep your fire in a Fire Keeper fire pit

Convenient flat pack fire pit
Laser cut 3mm Corten 350 Grade Steel
Solid construction but only 22 kgs
Never drop any ash
Converts to 4 types of fire pit
Australian made quality

We designed the blueprint for the next evolution in fire pits

design registration #201813397



The most versatile flat pack fire pits are here

The Firekeeper fire pit is one of the most versatile flat pack fire pits on the market, we developed the design over 1000’s of hours of wood fire cooking and a love of the outdoors. We have developed one of the most versatile flat pack fire pits ever produced, it can transform into 4 portable fire pit styles which opens up a new world of applications, whether you are cooking with a hot plate, spit-roast rotisserie, open ornamental fire or cooking fantastic Brazillian style skewers you can do it with a Fire Keeper. Combine the versatility with the quality of an Australian made laser cut precision and you will have a fire pit to stand the test of time. Click on shop now to purchase your firekeeper or learn more about the hottest flat pack fire pit on the market from the original fire pit co that invented the multifunctional portable flat pack fire pit.

Keep your fire your way

4 main combinations and a bunch of other features make the Fire Keeper in a league of it’s own when it comes to portable fire pits. Fire Keeper Fire pits are one of the most versatile flat pack fire pits, if you are looking for flat pack fire pits Australia wide we ship to your door.





Where do we ship?
Fire Keeper Fire Pits send Flat Pack Fire Pit braziers across Australia, so if you are looking for a flat pack fire pit Brisbane, flat pack fire pit Sydney, flat pack fire pit Melbourne, flat pack fire pit Newcastle, flat pack fire pit Gold Coast, or anywhere else across Australia we can have a flat pack camping fire pit sent to your door pronto.
How do I maintain my fire pit?
Fire Keeper flat pack fire pits are made from quality steel that is designed to develop a patina over time and inherit an aged steel look.  However, if you want to keep it looking nice and rust free you can just season and seal the metal with cooking or vegetable oil after use.  Simple brush the ash off the flat pack fire pit after it has cooled down and wipe over with the oil.
How does heat affect my Fire Pit?
Flat Pack Fire Pits by Fire Keeper are laser cut from quality corten steel and Truspec steel, this makes them some of the highest quality flat pack camping fire pits on the market. This said, any steel reacts to heat and is subject to warping due to heat transfer and thermal expansion. As most of our parts are symmetrical all you have to do is flip the heat affected part over the next time you use the Fire Pit. Once the pit has been used a few times it will begin to settle down. Please also note the warping does not affect the performance of your Fire Keeper Fire Pit and is purely cosmetic.
How portable are Fire Keeper Fire Pits?
Flat Pack Fire Pits by Fire Keeper pack flat so they are the perfect caravan fire pit or if you love 4×4 Australia they are the perfect portable fire pit for you. Most importantly when you buy a Fire Keeper you are buying one of the most versatile fire pits on the market, we make fire pits for camping.